Saturday, May 30, 2009

Went down to The Market today for lunch
at the The Athenian....R. was in the kitchen,
hustling saute pans amidst the flames of the grill.
A friend of ours, a socio-biologist from U. of Wyoming,
is in town, and there's no better view for an out-of-town
visitor than from the harborside windows of The Athenian.
To our dismay, the Pike Place Market Festival
was happening, which just adds to the crush of crowds
and chaos factor. My feeling is that The Market
is a festival unto itself, every day of the year. So today
was festival upon festival, with flying fish and hazelnuts
and bunches of plump peonies, etc. We picked up a few
Dungeness crab legs for dinner, and I bought three
peaches, for slightly less than the price of gold.

Check out this pizza-oven-on-wheels: brilliant!

I was quite taken by this little man all dressed in white,
wandering around as if the place belonged to him.
At one point, I saw him walk right behind the counter
at one of the fish vendors, and he pulled on a black
piece of hosing. Maybe he belonged, but no one even seemed
to notice his presence. He was probably five feet tall,
and everything about him was most unpigmented!

This is a detail from a larger photo I took
of a bank of windows. I'm quite taken with reflections,
and the universes they contain. In fact, I didn't even
see this guy (and his mouthful) until I uploaded
the photo to my computer, so I cropped him into focus:


Later, we stopped at the Brandon Street house
to check in on the boys, and the level of anxiety
is still running extremely high. In spite of this,
or maybe, to spite this, I picked a bunch of pink roses,
and carried them home to Redmond in the car
on my lap, the thorns prickling me with every breath.
The scent was apples & lemons....


  1. A lovely day out. Hope they've got a new, heavy door with plenty of deadlocks and bolts at Brandon Street!

  2. if you look at that pizza oven/condiment situation over a glass of wine or with a longing for a crafty minute, it looks like a giant watercolor paint box. why is that funny?