Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are you there?

Go ahead -- be brave. Be really brave. Leave a comment.


  1. 322 23rd ave e 98112 206 328 2092
    with a piano and a tub with jets and a garden visitors welcome april 6 rent $151 mo cool or what
    more quilts to follow love ya think of ya everyday auntie shell

  2. Hey, Shelley, a brave one! Nice to hear from you.

  3. It's been a bit quiet out here lately, hasn't it, T. Clear?

    A hush.

    Ah well, here I am popping in with a bowlful of slow-roasted Omega plums and a good brewed coffee.

    L, C

  4. Ciao, Bella!

    I'm here, working on an essay and considering your later post about cooking is easy. I had to sell that idea to my daughter tonight, but she finally bought it and made a delicious dinner.

  5. Can there be brevity in bravery?

    Bisou, Cro.

  6. Cro, one thing we can be certain of is that there is alliteration in "brevity in bravery."

  7. We're in such different time zones that I'm always behind.

    Love, c.