Friday, April 30, 2010


It's a big secret, but this is what happens
when the boss is away....

Rachel loves the taste of Bombay
in the morning --

--but, alas, it puts her to sleep. Lucky for her
there's a handy cat to nap with!

Meanwhile, Leslie puts down a few shots
while jiggling and/or juggling numbers....

...and I'm always gleeful when swigging
French Cognac at 11:30 am! Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!

Here's a shot of Rachel filling the gin bottle
up with water so Melinda won't notice
we've been tippling!

No, Rachel! That's Melinda's car! Come back!

We had to quickly rouse Leslie when we heard
Melinda on the stairs.....

But not to worry.
Within seconds, we were back at the daily task
of scratching out a living (you probably won't
recognize me in the black wig and white shoes,
but yes! It's me!) (Wait...I thought I worked with
glass. Where did all those towels come from???
Never mind. It's almost time for my diet coke
and a smoke.):


  1. I knew a woman who used to inject Vodka into oranges, then spend her day at the office innocently munching away.

    Just an idea! Bisou, Cro.

  2. T. Clear - how funny this is! The water in my fridge is kept in a Bombay Sapphire bottle. It first alarms then amuses people when I bring it to the table and fill up their glasses 'neat'! The world's a small place ; )

  3. Oh damn you guys, I am totally laughing my ass off!

    I have "stuff" running out of my nose.

    I wondered why, after 3 martini's, I am still working away. Cheezits Chrisps.

    The gin was contaminated.

    And... we'll be having a mandatory employee meeting on Monday.

    Now I have to pee.

    NOT in my jammies.


    Oh for god's sake. I can't believe you guys.

    You are all on restriction.

    Including that traitor Tigger-Lou.

  4. Melinda! This is what it sounded like when we were taking the pics yesterday:


    Haven't had that much fun in a long time.


  5. And, Melinda, you might recall that I described every single photo to you yesterday afternoon in an "as if" tone!

  6. OMG you must have had a good time. By the way, you know that German word for hang-over? Kater = male cat.
    Happy hours,

  7. What brought on this? Pray, tell!

    Love, C.

  8. Yes, T. After I stopped rolling on the floor laughing I remembered you had confessed to everything. Little did I know...

  9. that's an enormous cat