Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Alas, but necessary.

The local media has created a monster out of possible blizzard scenarios, with the current monikers running the gamut from "slushmageddon" to "snowmageddon" and everything in between, my favorite being "Snow Event", for which I possess season tickets. In internet minute-by-minute updates today (as we prepped for the big shipment to NYC) the forecast became more and more absurd. When I checked my iPhone weather app at 11:59, there was 100% chance of snow at noon -- in sixty seconds. Outside a scattering of clouds gave no indication of giving up even a single iota of moisture. WTF? Are we once again being forced to gauge precipitation by actually looking up at the sky? How very twentieth century.

Granted, it was sloshy underfoot. I walked to work today in waterproof hiking boots and multiple socks, determined to keep a constant toe temperature. And between 10AM and noon, the residual snow on the steps did indeed slough off in runny rivulets, enabling an ice-free path from production-line to pallet, down on the sidewalk, in advance of the shippers which -- barring actual blizzard conditions -- are scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

We were not only on-time but early in completing the line for the show. All last week I was in denial of the viral microbes streaming through my sinuses (cough, sneeze, cough cough cough) and spent all of Saturday -- my one day off -- at a funeral and immediately afterwards, dinner with friends. There is no time for wallowing in the throes of wretchedness.

And now, close to 8pm Tuesday, no sign of the apocalyptic storm in the star-strewn sky. My poetry group was cancelled (or should I say my "Poetry Event?). I fear a Rain Event is beckoning. In my kitchen, a Pork Event is nearing completion. And earlier, Melinda and I celebrated the shipping-off-to-the-show with a Martini Event at Lottie's Lounge. (Afterwards, we struggled with a Walking-Uphill-Event.) Before long I'll engage in a Sleep Event, and with any luck, a Dream Event will present itself during my REM-Event.

Eventually, I'll post the remainder of Boot.

(Which will be an event unto itself.)


  1. this post is quite the - ahem - blog event. My sis in Bellingham got dumped on by snow. The news (from here) said Seattle was getting hammered by snow. But apparently not?

    very very funny stuff, T. Sweet dreams.

  2. I'm leaving you a Comment Event.

  3. Here's another Comment Event.

    This post made me laugh and laugh. My sister and I love to make up "Events," -- and we also like to mock the blurbs on best-selling books and movies.

  4. Sounds like a non-event to me. And the real scandal is that these (so called) weather men/women are very well paid for their constant miss-information.

  5. I believe news-people today have totally lost the plot...
    Surely there is a Edward R. Morrow out there somewhere?