Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Matching

Online dating provides, if nothing else, great opportunities for humor. When I look at the profiles of single men on, I can't help but see something other than their chosen profile name.

To post an online profile on any of these sites, one must first choose a profile name. And often, the profile name one dreams up (as the perfect! name!) has already been chosen by some other single person somewhere else on the planet. Suggestions for available alternate names then pop up on the screen, and you can choose from one of those or try again with your (seemingly) very original second choice. Or third.

What many people end up with are odd altered versions of their original choice, with numbers and punctuation added in, or something else entirely. And when I look at them, I also see, well, something else entirely, which has the unfortunate result of making me quickly look to the next profile, moving Mr. Weird Name — who most likely is a perfectly charming potential dating candidate — to the slush pile, toute de suite.

For your entertainment, here are some actual names, and what I see when I read them:

Issy_Spirit, and I see Pissy Spit. (Yuck.)

Sirwhitfield, and I see Shitfield. (Um, no.)

eKghHUNTER, and I see Ug Hunter (How does one hunt an Ug, exactly?)

CharlesGilstrap, and I see Charles Jockstrap (Ewwwww.....)

BaBallard, and I see Babar (The Elephant. Cartoonish. Wearing a yellow crown.)

JRPringle and I see potato chips in a can, which I like a lot, but how does one date a chip?!

kindaneasy, and I see kind of sneezy (Either one of the Seven Dwarfs or a highly allergic man.)

richard_reach and I see Rich! A Ready! (Been there! Done that! Failed!)


More on this later, including a recounting of My Date From Hell.

God help me.


  1. Not too sure what to think about on-line dating sites, but do avoid anyone who calls himself Mr Sad-Old-Git.

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  3. Is this a recent Date From Hell, or one from an earlier era?

    Love, C,

  4. I have a friend who really wants me to do the online dating thing; I almost went so far as to go on one of the sites looking for what she said are called "activity partners," which apparently is only supposed to cover non-romantic activities--but I kind of wanted to look around first & found you have to take the plunge & create a profile just to do that, so I stopped. I'm interested to learn your observations, however--the names you mentioned don't seem to show any particular promise : )