Friday, March 16, 2012


A bit fixated on this dress.

I found it at a thrift store on Highway 99 in Everett, Washington round about 1982. Wore it to a few parties. (My late husband also wore it, once, to a party. Couldn't zip it up though. His accessory was an aluminum colander, as a hat [of sorts]. He was a very funny man.)

Now all its good for is stuffing full of pussy willows.


  1. That's fantastic. Did you really hang it on the wall and stuff it with pussy willows? I love that.

  2. I recently visited a friend, and on her dining table was a pair of red high-heel shoes. I asked when she was going to wear them, and she replied 'probably never, but I just had to have them'.

  3. Cro, that makes complete sense to me. Some things are beautiful in their own right.

  4. Hi T - it's a gorgeous garment.

    There are many ways to wear and dress a dress. I love that you have paired it with pussy willow and offered it to your wall. xo