Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Drop the "E"

I thought the sign at the hardware store said,

"One year guarantee on all planets."

I thought, it's either one of two things:

 1) Great! I can buy Venus and if anything happens to it, I can return it.

2) I can purchase anything in the store, and return it on a Lowe's location ON ANY PLANET.

(A third thing: Pluto can be had for a bargain. Fully returnable!!)

I left planet-free, but did bring home one fully-refundable plant. Much rather would have exited with a big bag full of Mars.


  1. I love that -- and all your interpretations. I imagine a person who is a half-empty glass kind of person would say that perhaps it suggests the planet is only around for another year or so --

  2. i love the way your mind works....

    too bad they didn't also have a special on a pocket full of stars.

  3. Thanks for all the smiles.