Friday, May 18, 2012

Round about age twenty, I believed with absolute certainty that when I'd reached the age that I am now, all knowledge (gained from experience, of course) would be mine, and all roller-coasters of emotion would have long played themselves out. How I envied "older" people. Folly!

Little did I know that, with the onset of spring in the year 2012 (and 2011, and 2010, etc.) the burgeoning season would awaken not only the landscape with its velvet-tipped fronds and pistilled blossoms, but also an elemental essence deep within the human psyche, within my every cell.

How marvelous a thing it is to be wholly alive and breathing-in yet another spring season, where the scents change from hour to hour, one minute the cool wash of rain, and then the crushed greeny scent of sweet woodruff underfoot in the garden. Or the irises, some skunky, some sugar-cane sweet, others with the distinct zip of root beer.

I desire more, and more, and yet more again.


  1. I was just looking at our sky this morning, and thinking pretty much the same. Every Spring is more beautiful than the last.

  2. As ever, I do so admire how you articulate that elemental essence. Thank you.

  3. Yes!

    A perfect day here too. :)

    Love, C.