Saturday, December 1, 2012

Night Rain

Dramatic rain with gusty winds last night, drumming on the slanted attic roof directly above my head for hours, lashing the southern-inclined front of my house. I fell to sleep reading Life of Pi, and throughout the night, waking to the storm, felt as if a tiger were just inches away, felt as if an ocean of misfortune was swelling just outside the windows. Then I'd drift from that half-dream state into full realization that all was well, tucked-in and pounded-down, knowing I was high above the rivering streets and sturdily sheltered from fir branches cast aloft.

I thought a lot about my roof, glad for its steady repel of the elements. I thought about the few pieces of cedar siding which came loose last year some time and still need hammering back in. I thought about stains, and sealants. I thought about paint. I thought about the man I hired to paint the high-up trim, that he dug some irises corms from his garden for me, and how some wretched critter chews away most of the plant each spring.

And then I thought about gutters, newly swept clean by my sons.

I thought about my apple tree, badly in need of pruning. I thought that I could lop off a large section and string it from my living room ceiling, in lieu of a Christmas tree. I thought about the accumulation of ornaments packed away in the basement, and then I thought that I might just leave them and all their attendant memories (troubling memories) neatly packed away.

How the train engines of the brain can rev themselves up in the middle of the night!

Finally I let myself slip back to sleep, lulled by that incessant torrent.


  1. Raining up a storm here, too. Nice to be tucked into bed, warm and cozy. I read Life of Pi some years ago, and loved it.

    Yes, amazing what the mind dredges up in the middle of the night. Glad you could drift off again, sometimes I find it impossible.

  2. The infamous 'They' say that if you can love yourself and your life at 3.00am then you are really doing okay. Some nights I find it difficult.

  3. Good to follow that train under a sturdy roof. I am thankful for your roof and your gutters cleaned by your sons. No need for decorations of any other sort, I do agree. Lovely writing here.