Thursday, January 24, 2013


Alone for a few hours on the job today, I pulled up some Richard Thompson on YouTube and listened to him at full volume. (This ability we have, with current technology, to listen to nearly anything we desire at any given time, astonishes me daily.)

This song, especially, makes me swoon. This guitar —


  1. beautiful, T. The guitar work is top-notch and I love the song with their voices together.

  2. They make guitar playing look so easy!

  3. It is a marvel what we can do with the internet. My daughter was remarking last week that she can't fathom how we went through college having to go to the library to look everything up!
    Thanks for the lovely music this morning.

  4. I saw Richard Thompson in concert once, long ago, and still remember how fantastic he was. Thanks for reminding me of him and for the listen!