Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Night

It's been a helluva week: the lingering presence of my deceased co-worker, a romantic break-up still wreaking its havoc on my consciousness, sons in conflict. And yet always the nagging voice telling me to give thanks for something, for anything.

So tonight I'm thankful for my carrot seedlings.

In fact, if I really made myself sit down and take stock, there'd be a list from here to Kingdom Come, but, damnit, I don't wanna. Sometimes it all just sucks. And we have to keep on keeping on, like it or not.

So here I sit, keeping on.

And here's to all of you in your own version of whatever "keeping on" means.



  1. Aint it the truth. Sometimes all the gratitude stuff is tyrannical.

  2. On is the word... forward.....


  3. We do have these days, these years, these periods.

    Been there, done that, far too many of them.

    But it's Saturday night now, in a phrase that has been remarkably disaster and anxiety free in a way it hasn't been in decades.

    And -- there are librarians of seeds! for real food, and plants, instead of that manufactured owned genetic code that won't reproduce itself!

    Love, C.

  4. argh. I hate the way romances gone wrong linger and mess with your mind and heart! Be gone! It's been 10 mos. since my breakup and I still torture myself with scenes relived. Gaw.

    Thank goodness for the little things, and for friends and a good martini.

    1. Tara, yep. A mess indeed. If my magic wand were functioning properly, I'd wave it over the both of us.


      All better now.