Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garbanzo Entanglement

I was at my local food co-op (PCC) yesterday (there are several locations of this particular co-op throughout Seattle), looking at seeds from their small selection, and saw garbanzo seeds, which I've never seen before, and wondered, Who grows garbanzo beans in Seattle?

Later last evening, I spoke to an old friend — who lives on the other side of town — on the phone. It's been a while since we've had a good long chat. And she said, T., I'm growing garbanzo beans! I bought the seeds at PCC!

What the heck??!! We are all entangled, proton by proton.

(Read more on Quantum Entanglement, my current obsession, here and here.)


  1. I'll let you read about Quantum Entanglement and report back to us....

    I know many "small world" stories that blow my mind. Like my parents waiting in line for theater tickets in London and, through chatting, discover the woman behind them is my mother's cousin. Wha...?

    1. Ah Tara, don't be a chicken. If I can make (barely) any sense out of it, sure you can too! ;-)