Monday, August 26, 2013

Advice, Declined

The Angel With Broken Wings is a regular fixture in the studio these days, exuberant in his exhortations and equally entertaining in his on-going commentary on life; a person who knows how to laugh as well as he knows how to cry, and he ain't scrimping on either.

Today he told me that if I was going to land myself a man I oughta dumb things down a bit. And guess what: I was outraged, albeit in a warm manner, and told him very kindly: NO. Not no-where, not no-how.

(Notice that "nowhere" can be read as either "no where" or "now here". Very curious, doncha think?
In that they have opposite meanings? I think it was stuff like this he was referring to when he suggested the dumbing-down.)

Bottom line: if a man isn't able to engage in a little pun-spiked sparring on a regular basis, he's not worth my time.


  1. Who'd want a man that didn't find smart sexy? I agree with you, stay smart even though the pickings might be slim...

  2. Amen, sister! This was advice that women were given in the freakin' 50's. Who wants to be with someone who requires that you ditch your brain and paste a sweet smile on your dumb ol' face? Argh. Got no time for that bullshit.

  3. Ladies, I must mention that he wasn't completely serious. I do put him through his paces. I think he's just pointing out that I might be a lot for the average Joe to take on. And he's right ;-)

  4. I wouldn't give up word play for a man either.