Monday, August 26, 2013

The days keep getting odder, or more odd. (Maybe more oddly?) (More oddly odder?)

Spoke on the phone today to a police detective, a public health nurse and a hospital records department. This is only slightly better than last week, when it was a detective, a judge, a bar owner and a software developer.

In the past months I have spoken to neither a clown, a taxidermist, nor a prime minister.

To whom have you recently spoken?


  1. A cabinet maker, a stone wall builder, three cats.

  2. I do daily FaceTime w/ 4 yr. old granddaughter and her mommy, my daughter. Then,there's a mayor, county council member, Adobe software tech, three separate conversations w/ people against the plan to build a regional sports complex where a community park is suppose to be. Oh, and there was the treecutter and I hung up on 5 telemarketers. That's roughly this week. So far.