Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Minor Proclamation

I don't like mussels, or oysters, or clams, all of which should be of no interest to anyone except that I've endured a lifetime of having to justify to others why I don't like them. At a party the other night, this came up yet again, and I stated that if I'd said that I was a vegan, or a vegetarian, I wouldn't have needed any further justification. My questioner agreed. And then asked if I liked scallops!

Maybe I need to make up a name for my food likes/dislikes. I'm thinking along the lines of whatever-the-fuck-I-want-to-eat-atarian, or, in a shorter form, wtfiwtetarian.

Pronunciation may be an issue, but it's sure to shut up the nosy Nellies.


  1. Ha! I don't like mussels, or oyster, or clams or crabs or octopi or paua patties (NZ abalone) either, T! I mean, I love the creatures but I'd rather they swam and crept and scuttled in their home environments than lie lifeless in my stomach.
    As for 'nosy Nellies', I first read 'noisy Wellies'. Those, too.
    L, C xo

    1. Claire, I swear sometimes that we are twins separated at birth!


  2. Maybe you should explain that eating anything that lives between two shells makes you project vomit.

    I love all of them, by the way!

  3. I always wonder why our food preferences mean so much to others....why, oh why, does one have to explain? Leave me alone already.

  4. I don't like those things either and yes, people still try and convince me. For awhile I just told people I was allergic to them and shut them up.

  5. i used to eat clams and oysters, but reluctantly---i grew up eating them, and we didnt have much money, so would have starved if i didnt eat clam chowder, altho i would wrap the clams in my napkin and pass them under the table to my brother, who would hand off some of his potato chunks in trade. now i say i am allergic, and people dont question it. allergies are cool, apparently; not liking something is not. go figure!

  6. I remember you have said you didn't like oysters before... the whole conversation makes me want a crispy-fried oyster po-boy with very fresh French Bread, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, and lots of mayonnaise. (description is for the benefit of some of your readers). Maybe a French Fry po-boy especially for wtfiwtetarians. lately I like oreos. sp

  7. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, and am the only member of my family who will not eat clams, oysters, mussels, scallops in any state - raw, cooked, fried, frittered, you name it. There's no way to cook them that will make me want to eat them. I don't like the taste and especially the texture and I've grown weary of explaining why. I enjoy fish, crab and shrimp, but that is all. We like what we like, right? And the things that make us gag make us gag. What's to explain?

    I also can't eat a raw tomato, despite growing up with farmers and gardeners who eat them like apples. Ugh. I'll eat them any which way cooked except stewed, but not raw. Again with the why's. My lot in life. I feel your pain. And I am borrowing wtfiwtetarian, thanks.

  8. My issue is with melon, which makes me feel like a mutant.

  9. I don't like melon, which makes me feel like a mutant.