Thursday, October 17, 2013


I can barely follow the path that led me to this video....

To explain: I saw this on facebook last night, posted by the daughter of a man I met in an online widows/widowers discussion group ten years ago, when I was deep in the dark ditches of grief. He was also newly widowed, and for the first six months of that journey we kept each other standing when it seemed all too easy to sink into the muck. He lived in Texas — I met him only once in person, when I was traveling with my then-boyfriend (and now ex-husband) P., in a hotel lounge in Fort Worth. Met his daughter that night too — lovely people, and we've kept in touch throughout these changing years.

The young woman in this video is the daughter of a man to whom I've been very close in the past year (but with a strong measure of turbulence), a deeply entangled friendship that has drawn me into a no-going-back full-blown love affair with quantum physics, among other things. (And none of them inconsequential.)

So: posted by daughter of Texas-friend who played a big part in keeping my head above water that first year of widowhood, and the video is of the daughter of another friend whose come-and-go presence in my life has been profoundly life-altering.

Got it? Yes?! (Not even sure if I do. Head is in a bit of a spin.)
Damn. Are you all as amazed & blown away by these times we live in as I am?


  1. she writes beautifully and powerfully of the seemingly eternal predicament of woman. I was blown away by her performance.

  2. WHAT a woman.

    Thanks for posting that, woman.

  3. The women in my family are so similar to this young women. When I think about the things I learned from my mother, I shudder. Not all bad but not things I would want to teach my own daughters and yet I imagine I did. She gives me hope as well though, this young woman. She understands, she sees, she thinks and that is the beginning of change. Loved it.