Monday, November 4, 2013

An Opening: Thursday

The prints I've been slaving over for the past eight months are finally finished and hung — 25 of them at Caffé Vita not far from my house. They look great in daylight, crappy once it's dark because, well, it's a coffee shop with olive green walls and subdued lighting: no spots. Oh well. If I should be so lucky to sell one, Caffé Vita doesn't take a commission, so the $125 would be all mine.

It's a little unnerving, having ones  babies, as it were, out on public display. Am I excited? Yeah, but also not without a measure of anxiety. Shee-ite. This is all new territory for me.

Isabelle V

Betty I

Isabelle II
So if you're a local, come on down to Seward Park Thursday, from 6:30-8pm in support of yet another starving artist.


  1. Not sure if I can make it, but I really hope it goes well for you. Exhibitions are always nerve-racking occasions.

    1. Cro, excuses excuses. I fully expect you to be there.

  2. What a terrific series!


    Love, C.

  3. Excited with you, T. This is wonderful - you're a warrior. All best this evening - here's hoping your bowl will be filled to overflowing xo