Friday, August 10, 2007

Anticipating Nelson's birthday tomorrow.
As usual, I insisted on a simple meal
and as usual, it has grown into a more
complicated meal. Or, rather, the desserts
have multiplied from one white chocolate cake
into one white chocolate cake, one peach pie,
one apple pie, and possibly one blackberry pie.
(There is one problem, though: who shall
pick the berries?) I shall bake the pies
and the cake, and Reilly shall make fresh
mozzarella for the caprese, and he'll roast
the corn. I'll marinate the Yukon gold
potatoes, chop the red onion and Italian
parsley. Julie will slice the fruit.
Paul will do the crossword puzzle
and Tom will drink the pinot grigio.
Nelson will blow out nineteen candles.


  1. I say, what's the problem? You love to bake. Get those boys to pick. You love those boys. Pick! You love good people. They can pick too. Me? I'd happily dot while drinking. Just to serve your needs you know...

  2. Happy Birthday Nelson, from sunny New York City.