Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wild in the 'burbs

A mother raccoon and four teen raccoons
tormented Paul's cat tonight.....luckily
there was glass separating them. Paul and I
went eye-to-eye with them in the dark
(the porch light had burned out) while Sally-the-cat
hissed and charged at the sliding glass door.
They were very curious and unafraid -- of both
the cat and the humans. The very civilized Baguette Quartette
(as seen below) accompanied our encounter with Mother Nature.

I mean, they weren't in the back yard with the critters
nor were they playing live in the house....but on Paul's
fancy-dancy stereo with the FABULOUS sound, they may
as well have been....a little French cafe music from the
1920's should accompany all raccoon sightings,
don't you think?

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