Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reilly and I went to the Columbia City Farmer's Market
today. Heirloom tomatoes, lemon cukes, all sorts
of peppers, haricots verts at (yikes!) $8/pound.
Local peaches are especially good this year;
I haven't had a single mealy one. Can't believe
that this is my first visit this year. The crowd
was nice there today -- more varied than I remember
from previous years, a good mix of ages, ethnicities.
(I almost wrote eccentricities!) (Well,
come to think of it, that is also true.) Real bread
from Wild Wheat and Columbia City Bakery. The flowers
are always exquisite and the best bargain in town --
plumped-up bouquets starting at $5! At one booth
the scent of the stargazer lilies was intoxicating.
Fresh cheeses -- curds are very in. (And
very addictive! Beware!)Reilly saw an herb called
epazote, which, he says, is the antidote to bean-gas.
Golden beets, purple kohlrabi, orange romanesco.
(One year I grew purple string beans, which turn green
when cooked!) Oh -- and purple potatoes, fingerling
potatoes, Yukon golds, tiny reds. (Sounding a bit
like Ireland here.) Apricots, plums, berries,
the first tart green apples. An abundance,
a multitude of delights.

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