Monday, August 13, 2007

Why is it that often Monday is so typically Monday?
Crazy early yoga can one meditate
when one isn't even properly awake yet?
I was a bad yogi this morning....lists in my head:
loads of laundry, champagne glasses to wash,
paperwork to fill out & mail. And I would've
traded that garudasana (eagle pose) for a nap.
My body did not want to be a pretzel today.
It wanted to be more like a slice of Wonder Bread.
Limp, puffy, good-for-nothing.


  1. I, too, didn't feel like attending yoga on Monday morning, but I am trying to keep a schedule, for once, rather than being "rebellious" and quitting as soon as I have "issues".

    And -- I felt better all day Monday, as a result.

  2. Yay for yoga! It really is great, isn't it?