Saturday, August 18, 2007

Paul and I saw Death At A Funeral today....
very funny British farce. Well-paced, well-acted,
a lot of hilarious scenes. Definitely recommended!

The Rainier Valley annual parade happened this morning,
and Paul and I were about six minutes late, and I fear
that we missed the best of the drill teams. I just LOVE
those white clickety go-go boots, the pleated, flippy
skirts, the call-and-response. We did manage to view
the Baby Dangerettes -- great name! What I love about
this parade is that it's so low-key. When it first
began, about ten years ago, there would only be
a handful of spectators scattered about. Today
we were in the second row of fans!
One of my favorites today was a group of Vespa
riders, all close to my age, revving and looking
not-at-all tough. No floats -- alas! This is not
The Torchlight Parade. And it only lasts about
thirty minutes. Feels very small town.
After the parade, we wandered about Columbia City --
a "must-see" is the Columbia City Bakery
where the display cases look like museum exhibits
from The Museum of Fabulous Eating (which exists
only in my mind). Their Walnut Levain is about
as good as it gets, their chocolate biscotti
are sold by the bagful and are worth every cent.
Their sandwiches are fresh, delicious, on amazing
soft French rolls. They put a certain G-Town bakery
to shame....

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