Sunday, August 12, 2007

Should I forego yoga tomorrow at 8am
and instead stay awake until 1am
so I can take in the peak of the
Perseid meteor showers? Or do both?
Five, six years ago we would've
been at Priest Lake in Idaho
this week, toasting N.'s birthday
by campfirelight. Listening to bats
swooping between the tamaracks
(whose cones burned purple flame)
and there were more meteors
than we could possibly count.
I camped in a previous life;
now all my gear lies idle, stacked
in the basement. Still each year
the meteors return. I am reading
Boy in the World by Niall Williams:
"...because, it was explained to me once,
as the world is a ball and is turning
and everything is in fact in motion
all the time, doing nothing is not really
doing nothing, it's allowing things to move
at their own pace." Just like my camping
equipment: moving at its own pace.

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