Monday, August 27, 2007

Eee Clips

It's 9pm, and I can lie in bed and see
the full -- nearly full? -- moon.
A cool breeze drifts in; there is the scent
of fire in the air.
I may set my alarm for five hours hence
so that I may see the eclipse at its zenith.
A desire to blast Van Morrison's Moondance
from my top-floor bedroom window.
It feels like October.


  1. I will set my alarm as it will be perfect timing for my next dose of Nyquil. Trying to find the good in all things... but a summer cold? Yuck. Just plain inconvenient and I worry you all will follow suit.
    I washed my hands often, sneezed into my elbow-pit (arm pit isn't right, but neither is elbow. So elboy-pit it is). Got an adequate amount of cutting done tonight, and now? A little scotch to cap off the Nyquil and then to bed. Yes, definite hints of October.
    xo, mm

  2. Moondance at 3 am would have woken me up (2 doors down). Love that song. Went to bed early, thought I would wake up on my own. Doggone it, didn't do it. Hey -- Moondance next time, T? Who cares if the Synagogue objects? (smile)

  3. linda ana --- Moondance next time!