Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blackberries are fading. Nelson and his friend Jennifer
visited three sites today before gathering enough for a
pie, said they were mostly dried up, except of course
for those hidden in the shade, guarded by spiders.
The season turns.

Watched the season finale of Big Love tonight on HBO.
Three woman -- er, wives -- all lying to each other and to
their husband. And the husband with his own half-truths
and distortions. The 16-year-old son with his plans for
polygamy, dating identical twins. Ay yi yi!
Why make life any more complicated than it already is?!

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  1. I picked some of those berries yesterday . . . you are right, the season is turning. It still felt like a Seattle summer, but the sky looked like October around 4pm. Thanks T. Nice to see what you've been thinking about since I saw you last.