Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Last night was Seattle's "Night Out"
and we had our annual neighborhood potluck
down at the dead-end of the street.....lots
of desserts, with an unintentional blackberry
theme. Yum! I especially loved Candy's b-berry
cobbler. So many beloved neighbors missing now,
gone forever -- Marilyn, Mr. Nelson, Dave Mehus,
Pat & Mary, and, of course, Mark. And those
who simply moved away -- Jamey, Ingrid, Tony G.,
and Rod & Mary. I absolutely cannot imagine
having raised my boys in a better place
than Brandon Street, where we have been
a community in the old-fashioned sense.
When I was a teenager, and communes were
the rage (or at least we thought they were!),
I used to plan a life much like the one
I've ended up living these past twenty-some years.
Well, there is no communal garden, or orchard,
and the houses are a bit close together,
but the sense of genuine neighborliness
(sounding a bit Mr.Rogers-ish here!)
is as good as anyone could desire.
Last night Ben and Pam carried their fire pit
down to the street, and we sat in the waning light
as sparks flashed around us, and smoke scented
our hair and clothing. Some years a fire truck
paid a visit; once a local news team captured
our event for the 11pm broadcast. In years past
we have enjoyed a talent show, a children's
art exhibit, and lots of live music
by our resident musicians.
As this will be my last "Night Out"
as an official resident, friends
have been asking me how I think it's
going to feel moving away from here,
and my answer is,
"I'm moving away from a life I love,
and entering into a new one
that I'm going to love just as much."
Life doesn't get much better.


  1. T: how wonderful!

    Our neighborhood had its block party last night, too.
    Dean and I have been here since 1991, and feel a similar connection to what you describe so eloquently (this is a poem!).

    We never want to move.

  2. Why do I have the feeling that you'll always be welcome, with or without (but preferably with) three kinds of cupcakes and homemade marshmallows? I already have the 2008 Brandon St Night Out on my calendar!