Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thank-you to everyone who posts a comment!
It's nice to know that connections are being
made in this virtual community. In a perfect
world, (or, at least in an alternate world)
we'd see each other every day at the local
bakery, or pub. (Or coffee shop, butcher,
park, etc.) But this is what we have,
and I like it!

Speaking of perfect worlds, P. and I
went to Crossroads last night to hear How's Bayou.
What a great scene! Granted, it is a mall, a small
one, but it's a vision of community that we rarely
see anymore. There's a smattering of local, independant
restaurants at the "Food Court," a small stage, and
an assortment of tables and chairs. There were people
dancing, playing chess, teens playing Magic --
all ages, Russians, East Indians, a group
of young adults with Downs Syndrome. Bellevue Public
Library has a branch there, which is always bustling.
The restaurants include Mexican, Vietnamese, Indian,
Italian, Korean, American, Mediterranean. Decent food
at decent prices. I do not like malls, but I like
this scene! The music, as is to be expected from
How's Bayou, was great. Ben Lang told me that they've
been together as a band for about thirty years.
Karen on fiddle, Mike on bass, Dave on Concertina,
Mooney on guitar, Jay on drums. Crossroads features
a different band every Friday night -- I highly
recommend this venue!

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