Monday, February 18, 2008

Four packets of poetry in the mail for today.
The dreaded job. I've never been anyone's
secretary because I WOULD MAKE A BAD SECRETARY.
Too much paper shifting and file attaching
and save as and printing and stamping.
Etc., etc., etc.

Some new reality shows I've been contemplating:

Who Wants to be a Poet?
Project Poet
America's Next Top Poet
Dancing with the Poets

perfectly possible potential. Ponder it.


  1. gosh, i got this and the last post all mixed up and where you boldified the letters to read poetry, i mistook it for poptart, which probably won't help the evil scale one bit. kinda funny how the brain works, eh?

    you forgot Poet's Anatomy, How Poets are Made, Wheel of Poetry, Ugly Poet, Masterpiece Poetry, Dr Poet, Extreme Poet Makeover, Desperate Poets, Sex, Lies, and Poetry (ok, a movie)...oh my goodness. that was fun.
    and then Bowling for Poetry, Grapes of Poetry, The Poets of Telegraph Hill, and There Must be Poetry is up for an oscar, i think.

    (who was who said i need a new hobby?)

  2. (there should be an it in the last line...)

  3. 1 submission every Saturday. Every single Saturday. That's how I do it. That's how I have my workshop students do it. It becomes habit. Even if I don't have brand new poems that I'm infatuated by, I find old ones and send them out. I never miss a Saturday. That's how I've tamed it. And I keep a detailed spreadsheet.

  4. I would totally apply to appear on Dancing with the Poets.

    The Saturday habit sounds like a good one (it could be my only good habit), but I usually send out when I can't get it together to write. This is often.