Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today, and only today, I am on the
Heart-Shaped-Iced-Sprinkled Cookie Diet.
It's the best diet of the year.
Complete with Red Dye #40.
And lip-shaped sprinkles.
Hee haw.
If you come to my house
I will give you some. Hurry.


  1. oh, and I am SO happy to have been a recipient!
    Lip shaped sprinkles (that I hope have magical properties) were the least of it. First, the thoughtfulness. But then... the yumminess, and then--how the hell do you make 'em so thin & crispy & I've ALWAYS wanted to know about the magical crunchy icing. I mean, it must be egg whites and all, but still...
    Alas, post my night-night potion:
    They Are Gone.
    And here I thought they'd be treats for Baltimore.

  2. I am so happy to share my diet with you!