Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three posts in a row with a political theme:
I am married to a man who is passionate
about politics. It's catching, a little bit.
So, my first caucus yesterday,
and what a first it was: people lined up
outside Whitworth Elementary, my people,
out to do the right thing. Whoooo-eeee!
And to quote my friend Cz,
"The number of people roaming Capital Hill
just prior to caucus was astounding…
like a happy earthquake just happened,
or something prophetic enough
to put ‘em all on the street."
Some complained at the chaos, but it felt like
the way democracy should be: visceral, gritty,
people elbow-to-elbow, people close enough to each other
so that you could feel the living, breathing body
of your fellow democrats, as opposed to a paper,
mailed-in ballot. Of the people, by the people.
The beating hearts of people. People sick to death
of deceit, war, dishonesty, apathy. I saw more hope
in the faces of my neighbors yesterday than I've
seen in many years. This was true community.
The icing on the cake was when Reilly
raised his hand to be a delegate!
Go Reilly! Go Barack!


  1. It's two days later, and caucus talk still makes me feel all giddy!

  2. amen to that, joannie. i went to work (essentially dysfunctional cube central)this monday post caucus and had nary a conversation about the event with anyone...felt like i knew privately of the magnificent WA9/10/2008. --something akin to the other end of the spectrum of possibility that 9/11 was. and no one said a word about it. way too weird.