Monday, June 1, 2009


I am dumbfounded by the levels of repercussions
resulting from the home invasion of a week ago.
Every day my boys and I either meet in person
or talk on the phone to take care of new details,
which seem to emerge by the minute. R. had
a follow-up phone call from the SPD tonight; they're
going to stop by the house Wednesday evening to
talk with him. I'm glad this isn't being shunted aside;
god knows it's already old news. But in today's
Seattle Times, three twenty-something men were
arrested in a similar crime in White Center (about
15 miles away). With any luck, it's the same three monsters
that have upended our universe, leaving us gasping,
bewildered & spitting angry.


Our houseguest, Richard, made jambalaya for dinner
tonight: Oh Heavenly Day! Andouille and prawns
and rice and Tabasco. And some ciabatta with butter
& garlic, salad, a nice cheap Hogue fume blanc ($6.99).
A spicy balm for this emotionally-wrought mom.

My inclination this past week has to scoop up both
my boys into a snuggly and carry them with me all day.
That would be, at today's weight, about 400 pounds
of flesh. I do lift weights 2x a week, but I realize that
this is not a practical idea on any number of fronts.
Not to mention weird.
I'm just sayin'.
But that mothering-instinct is all-powerful, so think twice
before coming between me and my young men.

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  1. With any luck the SPD will find your belongings and get them back to you! I am hoping for the best!!! Sometimes that happens!