Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slugs did away with several of my pumpkin sprouts and I don't feel like going out tonight for bait so I've covered them with glass bowls. It's looking a little decorative out there. And pink.

Gardening is a lot like mothering. I dote and tickle a lot.

A long time ago, one of my older sisters mowed over my gourd garden, asserting that she didn't see it. Sheared every plant off at the base. It felt as if my first-born children had been sacrificed to the god of shorn shrubs. I was maybe twelve. She atoned for it years later when she grew gourds herself and brought me a basketful. This same sister payed the Avon lady with my coin collection. Again, claimed that she didn't know that there was anything special about a box of painstakingly-packed coins & bills stashed in the bottom drawer of my dresser. A 1935 mint-condition Silver Certificate dollar bill for a tube of Mocha Madness! Lipstick!


  1. Nothing like the blogosphere for settling some old scores!

    BTW, just because I like pumpkin sprouts is no reason to call me a slug.

  2. Oh dear. Sounds to me as if both cases were deliberate. This calls for sugar in the petrol tank!

    Bisou, Cro.

  3. Hope they recover. We planted 6 pumpkin plants and only got 3 pumpkins!

    A friend visited just after hubby had spent a couple of weeks planting young trees and asked if he could have a go on the ride-on. He mowed through a grove of 5 silver birch, leaving only two!