Thursday, June 17, 2010

Takin' Care of Business

There is an ongoing discussion at work about just what it is we do when the boss steps out for a minute or an hour. This should answer that question:


  1. Well, although I would like to say something witty here, I can only say: SO TRUE! You all rock!
    The Boss

  2. Rock, yes.

    And check out some of these lyrics:

    "People see you having fun
    Just a-lying in the sun
    Tell them that you like it this way
    It's the work that we avoid
    And we're all self-employed
    We love to work at nothing all day"

  3. oh. Well I take it all back. The only lyrics I really pulled out was something about "showing up at 9" and I thought "don't you dare!"

    You are bad, bad, bad puppies.

  4. About time Melinda installed CCTV.

    Raw Rock-n-Roll. Cro.

  5. Melinda, my job is so much fun it's really like "working at nothing all day"!
    (Well, almost. It IS fun, though!)

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