Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life's Rich (& Christmas) Pageant

This is a little embarrassing to admit, at this age, but I've always wanted to direct a Christmas pageant. Nativity/variety-show, all ages, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. And I've suggested it, time and time again, starting at about the age of ten to my neighborhood friends. To family members. And there is generally little or no response. Alas.


Well, I brought it up at work today, that we (all four of us) should do a Christmas pageant, and I think everyone pretended not to hear. So I brought it up again, and they confirmed my suspicions. And wanted to know who would watch, because, er, well, there are only four of us. Oh. Well. Hadn't really considered this. No one had ever asked me this. I'm of the If-You-Build-It-They-Will-Come persuasion. M. suggested that we perform it while walking around the block. Then suggested that we stand on the table and perform, ie., a makeshift stage. (I'll mention here that I'd just recited a poem whilst standing on my chair.) All good ideas! And then there was a lot of discussion (which degenerated rather quickly) of who would be Baby Jesus (R. would) and who would be Mary and Joseph (M. would) and who would be the Three Wise Men (C. would) and who would be the sheep, donkey and cow (that would be me). There! See! It can be done.

More on this later.

All this during a last-minute holiday crunch of prepping a delivery for a very large local holiday sale. We like to keep ourselves entertained.


  1. I could pop over and play Santa. I've got a real beard, and could encourage it to grow a bit more! What d'yer think?

  2. Cro! Finally someone is showing some enthusiasm here. Wait'll the girls at work here about this. Do you sing?

  3. Hey, I'll do the pageant if Cro comes and brings some of that fois gras that was in the ad from the paper he posted a while ago on his blog...

  4. You could get somebody's pick-up or flat bed truck and perform it while the vehicle drives up and down the streets and avenues.

    Then you could add a NOLA brass band, playing Christmas music, if you didn't want to pipe it out the truck's cd player or radio.

    Love, C.

  5. A Christmas second line on the streets of Seattle! Now we're talking!

  6. My grandnephew, Harry (4) came home to tell his Mum that he had the starring role in this year's nativity play at school as....The Donkey.
    I'm sure he would be delighted to participate in your production T.
    Let me know...

  7. i'll play an elf and help with the costumes and throw in a little harmonica too!