Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poetry + Lapsed Catholics =

Much hilarity at my writing group last night when Rosanne (for the second time now) offered to sing my poem, and suddenly we were listening to my poem Supplication to Our Lady of the Dumpster with a Celtic lilt. Then Ted (who is married to Rosanne) piped up "No! No! This calls for some Gregorian Chant music!" So Ted, with the help of Peter (both former Catholics) spontaneously broke into a 21st century version of what I'm going to call Seattle Plainsong. All I can say is Lord have mercy.


  1. T., you absolutely cannot leave us dangling?! When are we going to hear your recording of Supplication to 'Our Lady of the Dumpster' - with Ted and Peter's Gregorian contributions? You really do have to make one now, you know. . . ; )

    Your writing group sounds as much fun as mine!! (We met last night, too - with Christmassy bells and whistles.)

    L, C x

    wv. worric.
    which we are, I suppose.

  2. YouTube maybe? Sounds to me like a Christmas HIT.

  3. You can blame, or thank, the Church for your particular brand of hilarity! Oh, to have been there and heard this. Jesus Joseph and Mary!

  4. We did record a snippet, which shall remain unheard. The best version was the spontaneous one, before Rosanne whipped out her iPod Touch and pressed the 'record' button. I'll leave it to your imagination!