Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little Quakes

Few things delight me more than hanging out with both my sons — at the same time. Tonight, after Nelson started dinging me on etymology, it was clear that I raised him. And then they both ganged up on me on the subject of word origins. Ouch. These two young men are clearly my sons. Not to worry — laughter ensued. But you'd think that they'd back off just a little on their mother. It left me shaking my head and wondering who are these guys, anyway?!


Meanwhile, the foundation of the house sinks, walls fracture and doors fail to close. Tomorrow a shimming will take place and hopefully upright order will be restored.

Disintegration seems to be a theme.

Tonight the oven threatened explosion, a refrigerator shelf collapsed, the blender sent out shrill screeches and I swept a full wine glass into full-on shatter.

Perhaps shimming will suffice.

And then again, all may fail.


  1. you have a trusted shimmier? I'm looking at that Mary Oliver quote/poem on your side bar about the box of darkness. Seems as if you are getting one with an elaborate bow on it.

    Thank goodness you have those boys to make you laugh!

  2. Hi T. This is oool! I thought you must be in an earthquake zone at first...Thankyou for introducing mt to the word shimmie. :-)

  3. Some days one feels there are too many holes in the dyke and not enough thumbs to plug them with. I empathize.