Sunday, June 3, 2012

My New Treasure

I found these on the sidewalk in front of my house: tiny hands in a plastic baggie. I was out planting beets and carrots in my parking strip boxes, my phone to my ear, talking to my sister M. Three young boys and their parents tumbled by, but I didn't notice the baggie until they were long gone, and I don't know who they are or where they live, or even if one of them dropped it. (Or now, in retrospect, if they even existed.) I set the bag out on the bottom step, waiting all weekend for their return, but this evening still it sits, abandoned.

My friend Jamey said, "Only you, T. I never find anything like this in front of my house."

Mysteries abound.


  1. How bizarre, Maybe if you grind them up, you could snort..... no, can't be that!

  2. I'm thinking the three little boys cut off the hands of their sister's Barbies. Or maybe they had some GI Joes that lost them in a war.

  3. Even the photo is a wonder of surrealism.

    Maybe they're the new fad, like Pokemon trading cards. "I'll trade you a fist for a peace-sign..."

  4. I once found the head of a tiny doll. Its eyes were picked out. It creeped me out but I didn't have the guts to throw it away lest it come and kill me whilst I sleep. I still have it in my night stand drawer. I also found the foot of a seagull once. That was very creepy but I just pretended that I didn't see it and hoped a curse didn't befall me!

  5. Birdie, I find these talismen less creepy and more filled with magic, of a sort.

    No curses here, only delight.