Monday, September 16, 2013


I want to live in a house with a tall wood fence that runs along a sidewalk.

Embedded in the fence would be double-hung windows. (Maybe curtains, yellow and white checked.)

Every now and again, I'd open one of the windows and place a pie on the sill to cool.

Would you take that pie, if you were walking by?


  1. If I thought it was there to be taken. A person with a curtained window in a fence is capable of delightful surprises. xo

  2. If I were hungry and had no food, sure! Otherwise, I'd laugh at the joke/experiment that the pie maker was having at my expense!

  3. Good to know my pie wouldn't languish in windowsill obscurity.

  4. Is it apple? Blueberry-maple? Coconut cream? I'd certainly want a slice. I would wonder whether it was there for the taking. I would hate to be a pie-thief.

  5. I'd be most curious about the person who'd posted the pie in the windowsill, so I'd both knock on those windows and find the pie irresistible.