Friday, April 8, 2011

Clearing out tomorrow, from one chaos to another.

Your comments have kept me afloat as I gasp for air.


  1. T, this is a test. I wrote two long entries today and was thrown out twice in the end, and since I don't have an email address of yours I will try one more time. Hope this works out now... and will then try again.
    Love, Eva

  2. T, Keep your head above water, dog paddle until you get to the shore that now seems not to be visible. It is there and you will arrive there intact, as the lovely, worthy, and shining soul that you are. Grab tightly to your friends to keep above the flotsam and jetsam until you reach the shore. I am pulling for you to be able to make sense of what now seems to make none, to make fair what now seems brutally unfair, and to arrive there with love in your heart and stronger, better for it all. long time reader, first time commenter, LOL. xoxo

  3. Dear T,
    After reading about your desaster on FB I stopped by here after a long time of blog absence (just don't get around to it as often as I'd like to). I hardly know you and never met Paul but I so feel with you and just want to send something your way...
    In all my years as a crisis hotline counselor I've never experienced such an extreme situation (not after a marriage like yours). It's almost unbelievable. First thing that comes to my mind after recovering from shock is that no man being able of such a brutal behavior deserves any woman's love and appreciation, let alone that of a woman of such sensitivity, warmth, commitment and emotional depth. Something must be terribly wrong with him; he doesn't appear to be the same person that you married years ago and perceived as the man you wanted to share your life with. Assumed best friend, proven worst enemy within one day, coldly abrogating the most basic civil and social values within the most vulnerable sphere of life (and including children) -- what is his true reality? What actually does he want? What sort of life is he aiming at? Where does he see his place in his family, circle of friends, greater social network? Besides being to destructive, it all seems very selfdestructive, too. There can be misperceptions, misconceptions, misunderstandings, but not this way of handling them.

    I read your most recent blog entries afterwards -- what an overture to what was to come this week... esp. the (glass-)landslide that preceded this earthquake, but also some others. Turn around... Nettles... a newly renovated house ... that you are supposed to leave now! What a cynical timing. What does he think you are?
    Yes, turn around once more, free yourself from the nettles, arising headfirst out of the broken glass and facing the cleansing sea & breeze...I'm glad spring is coming your way and not winter; that you will go to Ireland with your sisters; there's nothing like sisters and you are blessed with a whole team of them! "Holly Hill is a place of refuge from all ills and whatever ails you" -- what providence made you pick this spot. Btw: I'm almost finished reading Niall Williams' "Four Letters of Love", a very poetic Irish novel with a setting just there; maybe worth checking out (don't judge by the title).
    You are loved so much by so many.
    Thinking of you,

  4. just checking in, T. nothing new to say; just watching over you....


    all of us in our little tents, under the stars; we'll keep the campfire glowing.


  5. Have you asked HIM to leave? Maybe that's what the bastard needs. Is there something you're not telling us? All very odd. I understand nothing. I've always been a one-woman-guy! And intend to continue.

  6. Keep breathing, T. We;re all with you. Tell us how you are when you can, and take care of yourself.

  7. Thank goodness you have dear people all around you. You are not alone, you really are not.

    Love, C.

  8. Poor girl...just hang in there. It will all come out right in the end. We are all thinking of you.

  9. Now's the time to narrow the eyes and focus. And, legal help should neutralize the ultimatums.

  10. Still with you, and hope you're heading to Brandon Street. I'm just a few minutes away, and thinking of you, reaching out to you. Loss sucks.

  11. ahhh, and that my dear love Eva should send you such love and caring swells my heart.

    A pebble tossed into a pond ripples forever.

    Both the pebbles tossed with good intentions, and those with less clear light.

    But I have to believe, no, I choose and DO believe, that light will endure.

    This particular tsunami will spit you out on a MUCH brighter beach.

    Yes, it will.

  12. ( ( ( ( ( ((O)) ) ) ) ) )
    Near in thought, T. xo