Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday Poem Birthday!

It's the one year anniversary of Tuesday Poem, the New Zealand based blog I stumbled into last April, resulting in my being pulled kicking and screaming back into the poetry scene, albeit an online one.

Other than my monthly writing group (which has met continuously since 1991), when my first husband passed away seven years ago, I pretty much made an exit from any public poetry life. Not exactly sure why. I stopped going to readings, lost interest in any weekend poetry events. I've continued to write, and to submit poems for publications (but much less than previously). Priorities shift when one's life is dumped out in the middle of the freeway.

Anyway, it's been a delight making fresh connections around the globe and being part of this energetic & inspired/inspiring community. Thank-you, fellow Tuesday Poets!

This week, on the masthead blog, something new and ambitious:

Welcome to our First Birthday Party! We're celebrating with a communal poem that will skip backwards and forwards across the world and between time zones over the coming week (NZ, Australia, UK, US), with the finished poem posted next Tuesday.

Our tag team of Tuesday Poets will add their lines to the unfolding poem at the rate of four or five entries a day until Sunday, and then the full poem will be up for a week.

My contribution goes up tomorrow -- Wednesday -- evening. Fun!


  1. LOVE the birthday cake, but I want a real piece, not a virtual one. :)

  2. Happy One Year Anniversary. I didn't realize you had pulled away from your writing for such a long time. Seems as if this Tuesday poem gig got you back in the groove. Yay!!!

    I enjoy and appreciate your poems, very much, T., and am so glad you are writing so we can read them.

  3. Oh T - you made a cake. I should have made a cake! It's been fantastic having you as part of TP - I know what it's like to abandon poetry for a while, and how blissful it is to come back to it. What we need you to do now is come and visit us in NZ. If you did that, we'd definitely bake a cake, eh Helen?