Friday, April 15, 2011

This New Life

Day 10: Limbo.

Between, neither, nether, without.

An absence of.
An abscess.




(No ability whatsoever to respond to your unceasingly generous comments. I am struck dumb with this entirely newfound grief.)


  1. Dear T. This may not help, but it is always said that in relationships 'there is one who loves, and one who is loved'. In your sad case it looks pretty clear that this was the case. I'm sending peaceful vibes...

  2. Dear T., what's happened to you is a concussion of the heart, a smashing of foundations, a detonation of trust. You don't know whether you're coming or going, and, sometimes, I'll bet 'who you are now." Of course you are speechless. How could you not be? We know you aren't in your usual coping state. Claire leaves a pebble ((((( o ))))) to show that she's been there, been present, is part of the conversation, even though just now she may not be able to speak. Talk your way through this as you are doing, T. You needn't worry about responding to us. We're very close, and you needn't respond to us individually--we've closed a loving circle around you so you can't stumble far or fall too hard from here on. xo

  3. Dear T, I've been away and have just read back. Sending you much love and hugs and only wish I could help you more than that. I'll be thinking of you and sending you strength. xa

  4. Just know that you are thought of and that you are not alone. Waves of peace are heading in your direction. Breathe, eat, sleep, work and eventually an even plane will develop.

  5. Thinking of you, T, and sending you these thoughts and sometimes some awkward letters of the alphabet and knowing that you wander on, down and up and down and up and sideways and backwards and forward and somehow you must feel all those stretched out hands, finger tips and hearts, somehow.

  6. Dear T, speechlessness won't last. Loving kindness will. Try another few deep breaths?

  7. I think of you with thoughts that are warm and supportive and sympathetic.

    Love, c.

  8. Deat T, no need to respond. Just know we are here, encircling you with love and infusing you with the ability to take the next breath, and the next. You will get there. Be gentle with your battered heart, Love, Angella

  9. see Neruda's poem on my post today.

    shit breaks. it hurts.

    we love you.

  10. trying to find different ways to say the same thing. Hang in...hang on...we're here.