Friday, April 29, 2011

Two Things

Something beautiful (some of the new work). (I want to live inside this piece.):

Melinda's new line knocks my socks off -- and apparently also everyone else's socks, because the reactions to the first sets of orders shipped have been incredible. For me, these pieces capture the hazy heat of an August afternoon somewhere deep inside a forest, a hidden glade, a sanctuary. We're still waiting for the pro photos, alas. Any day!

And now this....
The other day, I was painting, and made some kind of movement which caused a paintbrush to flip up nearly to the ceiling and land about five feet behind me, tucked neatly behind the wing of a (decorative) crow:

This moment of flight & subsequent landing seemed like an omen, or something holy -- we have yet to remove the paintbrush.

What is the symbolism here? The metaphor?

Not sure if my brain is ready to receive this message, but perhaps the universe is calling out to me.....


  1. The important thing is that you're listening... the universe first wants your attention. that in itself is the kind of feeling we're all yearning for! other people will have more specifics. take care, sp

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  3. Sorry, I goofed my first comment. The stars are telling you to take your talents and fly, fly free. That'll teach me to edit before I publish.

  4. Dear T, as has already been mentioned as the meaning of this portent: 1000 years ago you would have been a nun in a scriptorium painting illum-inated letters and minims and one of the pinion feathers of the crow would be one of the quills you'd most likely have used. So, yes, it's clearly whatever is divine in the universe saying, Take thy brush and thy pen nibs and go forth and conquer! Let it be your solace and your joy!

    (Perhaps this crow can be your totem--there is no creature on earth, Pliny said, more faithful than the crow). xo

  5. The message I take is the one I always look for...that there is order, even perhaps a plan, behind the seemingly random acts and chance happenings. Crow would be a fine totem. xo

  6. the glass IS beautiful, I agree.

    the paint brush held by the crow...I like the totem idea, and the idea that the crow is a faithful creature. Works for me!

  7. The Universe is always talking to us T.
    When you look at this message, whatever your interpretation, it's what you do with the information that's important.
    I believe a good starting point is to ask yourself the question:
    "What would Love do?"

  8. It reminds me of that old saying...

    If a brush and Cro combine
    Buy a picture, make it mine!

    Tell you anything?????

  9. Cro, you've stumped me, but then, this old brain is on beyond gone....