Wednesday, April 20, 2011


1. On Sunday, Bank of A. refused me access to any of my account information, necessary for completing my tax info due the following day.

2. On Monday, I changed my email password, and Comcast promptly blocked access to me from even their site -- I could log onto any other internet site except Comcast.

3. On Wednesday, I called Rite-Aid to have my Rx transferred, and upon giving my name and birthdate, was told that they have no record in their computer system of my ever having purchased a prescription from them. (Despite the fact that I was holding one of my Rx bottles in my hand, with Rite Aid printed clearly across the top.)

4. My computer died, and when I finally pulled my warranty out of one of the many boxes I hastily packed upon vacating my home, saw that the warranty had expired the day before. When I called Apple and gave them my name and warranty #, I was told that there was no such warranty or name in their system.

The good news is that I'm the squeakiest of squeaky wheels, and after an hour on the tech support line with B of A, I convinced them to release my -- my!-- records.

After an hour and a half on the phone with Comcast, we/they managed to allow me access to their site and my account, for which I pay honest $$ every month.

Rite Aid finally confirmed my existence, but only with a single outdated prescription, and then proceeded to fill it with 2/3 less than the amount I paid for, which required a second trip to the store.

The customer service at Apple, though, was stellar. I pulled out all my saved cards, and allowed the goodwill of the universe to do its work, and they decided to grant me a grace period on the warranty. They not only fixed the technical issues, the also replaced cracked keyboard parts, cleaned it up, and charged me zilch. Apple for life.

My cat is spending night #2 at the vet with a perplexing and unable-to-diagnose condition, and I awoke yesterday morning to blood all over this play-house apartment.

But the piece de resistance in this scenario? It's what I christen the new "F" word: foreclosure. After spending two hours on the phone with a mortgage counselor, I've been informed there is not enough, the ratio is in the deficit, there is less than, it expires soon, etc. etc., and I better start getting ready for the inevitable.

And so the circus side-show that is my life continues.


  1. Poor old you! When these things happen, it's so much more than just two people going their own ways.

    I have no advice you haven't already heard. However, I send you my sympathy and best wishes!

  2. Oh, T., what an unbelievable black hole he's consigned you to ==how much cold=hearted, cold-blooded hatred must it have taken for him to list and then make sure you were eradicated from tie account, paperwork, warranty. It's the worst thing imaginable--first to lose your accustomed life and the life you shared with him, to find out maybe it has been a lie--but then to be 'disappeared' so completely, to have every single jot of proof that you ever even existed destroyed, so that his universe can be completely free of even your breath. Oh, T; just when you think it couldn't get worse. But you fought so hard and with such perseverance to right some of those wrongs--you are a survivor, but God, what a plank he is trying to force you to walk. He may try to disappear you, but you can't be erased, T. It's al so horribly ugly. So sorry, T. xo

  3. Call my bro- the F word is his specialty.

    I hope your cat is okay :(

    And your life sounds like the story of a Roman Polansky Screenplay.

    Maybe there's a twist coming up??


  4. Out of the ashes the Phoenix will rise.
    Let it go...let it all go and reinvent yourself.
    Your will be bigger, better, brighter for the leaving.

  5. T., i read your posts and i think how much can a person deal with? you are clearly a survivor, and yet, even survivors get really, really worn out from being tested.
    please talk with the person who offered her brother's expertise. if you need to borrow money for a month or two's mortgage payments, we could have an online bake sale. really: we could figure out something.

  6. It is a purging, T. It is needed and you are strong.

    Mercury has been in retro since the first of April...the good news is, it starts going direct on the 23rd (but not out of the woods until May 3). Things will lighten up for you. Don't lose faith, all will be okay again.


  7. I'm with Jacqueline. And, of course, 200% with you, even if that lacks a certain amount of heft since I'm in the UK and you're in Seattle. But the universe is, can be, will be, benevolent again. This is such viciousness, but it will pass.

  8. This stuff is bad for your blood pressure, but you are completely capable of taking care of every single problem, it seems to me. I call this kind of thing jousting with windmills, and a lot of people these days have experience with it. There will be plenty of it waiting for you, even after you feel better-- the other night we had to wait for a return call from India during 8-9pm just to renew the Norton Antivirus subscription. Very abstract activities. Remember, the society is based on numbers. This is what our era will be remembered for, and in the future when they study us, they will think we were into numerology as a religion, with special holiness given to sixteen-digit numeric strings. keep up the patience! sp

  9. There seems to be no limit to the misery in the world and right now I'm sure it feels like it has all landed on you. Just remember what doesn't kill you makes you really is true. When you come out the other side of this you will be super woman. Then it's payback time.

  10. O Jaysus H U No Wat!

    I am lighting some special candles for you, to light the right path for you through the negative universe that is surrounding you currently. O, honey!

    But -- amazing, astounding, brilliant, wonderful YOU! How many of these problems you have already solved, and by yourself. I am awed, and am so humble in the face of that.

    Love, C.

    Love, C.

  11. Dear, dear T.

    I just want you to know how very, very impressed I am with your refusal to be bitter or hateful. You are one incredible, loving woman and friend. You WILL get through this.

    Breathing with you...Linda

  12. Dear T.--

    I am astonished at how you managed to get through B of A, Comcast, and Rite Aid. The F word is effin' unbelievable. But you're establishing an amazing track record, and you have a lot of people behind you. And we'll all still be behind you after all of this horrendous beaurocratic dust settles and the churn leaves room for other sorrows.

    My best to you.

  13. Jacqueline has said what came to my mind...listening to a podcast yesterday about how we are being prepared to rise as the phoenix when it all seems to have fallen apart. The best I can offer, as I'm sure is true of others and you as well, we're still here. And I may not be bake-sale material but I'm sure we could rustle up an auction of some sort. xo