Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ironic, I think, that I changed the photo at the top of the blog just about a month ago.

Perhaps subconsciously setting my heels against the oncoming rumble of these monstrous boulders tumbling against my back.

Descending rapidly into the full chaos. [Thanks to Melinda for that one.]


  1. I like your new banner photo, it reminds me of wholemeal pastry.

  2. My, but you are strong to lift that boulder.

    PS I liked the Lear poem.

    PPS I've moved blogs. I'm now at:


  3. One boulder at a time.

  4. It fascinates me what we may know before it comes to consciousness. The boulders need to re-think their (lack of) strategy. xo

  5. I really like the analogy also of the glass breaking and you getting out unscathed.....you CAN do this!
    Ima (otherwise now known by Google as, NONE)

  6. T, What I see is a wonderful woman holding up the world--as we all need to: get up every day and keep holding up that ole world, while that "lucky old sun just rolls (or should that be "lolls"?) around heaven all day.".