Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new phone number is 1-800-ANXIETY.

Give me a ring sometime.

Anytime. Really.

I even deliver.


  1. Dear T., of course you are anxious to the nth power. Is there anything any of us can do besides post our love and support on your blog, knowing you are reading? And waiting for your responses when you can?

    I hope friends are holding you close and not letting your serious coping skills, which have stood you so well in your historical life, work now--I hope you are not 'coping' so well that people don't think you're as much of a wreck as you are. It's hard to ask someone to come over and cry with you. I hope you can do it, T. Call in the many chips you've left out there. Let people in your real life know you must ask them for more than they may have given before. You need as much as they can offer.

    Sorry, not a lecture, dear T. Please let us know if there is more that we can do. xo

  2. i think many of us have been through something similar to what youre going through. and from what you've said, friends are making concrete offers, such as a place to stay; just say yes to anything. really. i think our tendency is to be like a wounded animal and head for the smallest dark hole. but, better: head for the light and the warmth of other bodies whenever you can manage it...
    i think of you so often, T.
    just in case:

  3. Adding my voice and encouragements to Melissa's and Susan's - do head for the light and the warmth of others when you can, T.
    I've found Rescue Remedy immensely soothing, too. It really does help with anxiety, fear, sleeplessness. . . can I suggest four little droplets in an inch of water whenever you need it, and a tin of the soft pastilles to carry around with you. Thinking of you often-often, too, T. Love, Claire xo

  4. Thinking of you and lifting you up. Is there something very concrete that you need that we can offer up to you? Ask, ask and I know that you will receive.

  5. crazy humor is one way of coping, m'dear. Have you tried that primal scream into a pillow yet? I hope people are coming by on a regular basis, and that you are getting comfort from that.

  6. Everything Melissa G (vespersparrow) says ... such good advice. Not being hard on yourself or expecting too much is important too. Just getting through - as someone said earlier - one boulder at a time, and congratulating yourself each time. I like the idea of the primal scream. A friend found watching rubbishy TV series on her laptop in the middle of the night helped with the sleep issue. They were so bad they sent her off back to sleep ... Rescue remedy - great. And finding someone to talk to professionally who deals with grief is a good idea if you can... Love M xx

  7. Meditation works for me...

    May I also offer this quote from Hester Lynch Piozzi, ca. 1781, as a riposte to anxiety:

    "When any man likes me, I never am surprised, for I think how should he help it? When any man does not like me, I think him a blockhead."