Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's almost time for:
1. Guinness beef stew
2. bogs
3. Carrowholly nettle cheese
4. Dunning's Pub
5. Liam's spuds
6. Croagh Patrick
7. Atlantic Coast Drive on Achill Island
8. a view of Clare Island from the sofa
9. ordnance maps
10. holy wells
11. The Shebeen
12. Pat & Mick
13. getting lost
14. Doo Lough

Leaving for Ireland VERY SOON.
I'm packing:
corn tortillas

If you're lucky, I'll do another edition of Irish postcards -- yes, actual snail-mail, hand-delivered ON PAPER postcards. Would you like one? E'mail me your actual shingle-and-timber address at carrowhollygirl@gmail.com. I may just get the itch to cut'n'glue'n'paint'n'etc.


  1. bye, T. (dont crumble up the tortillas or the husband in the packing.) have a great time! how long will you be there?
    i'd love to go to ireland and walk and walk walk. (but i'm visiting seattle soon, first time....)

  2. I wouldn't bother with the Corn Tortillas; I'm certain you will find them in Ireland.

    My advice to ALL travellers is to take HALF the amount of clothes you think you'll need, and TWICE the amount of money.

    Have a great trip. Bisou, Cro.

  3. susan, we'll be there three weeks. And yes, it's a great place for walking!

    Cro: I have yet been able to find a single corn tortilla in all of the west of Ireland...well, er, not that I searched every store, but they seem to be non-existent, and I generally get a craving for something Mexican when I'm there. (The soft unfried circular whole corn tortillas.) And only twice the amount of money?!!!

  4. Most exciting: homemade postcards. Second most exciting: Nettle Cheese. I am totally intrigued!

  5. I enjoy your postcards so much! I'll be sending my newest snail mail address to you. Have a great trip -- I know you will.

  6. We'll have removed (temporarily) by the time you go. I'll have to send the temporary address.

    I'll certainly want another for a pair of thee cards, and have them in the Maryland house. For I too will be living by the water in a land of horses (as well as much else), though it really is a culture based in water, boats and ships.

    I'll think of you when I'm alone on the banks of the Chester River!

    Love, C.

  7. Corn ... I'm a gonna start making cornbread again. It's been years! But the oven in The House is great, and, well, here we are, or rather, there we'll be, where cornbread is as normal as suntea and oysters.

    Love, C.