Saturday, August 7, 2010

Toy Time

No, this is not my alter-ego.
It's the little Malaysian mechanical cat who visited us
at work this week. I insisted it looked more like a mechanical
striped pig, and my guess is that the live cat thought it looked like
anything but a fellow feline. And if it had more closely
resembled a mechanical rat/robin/vole, would the live cat
had felt more compelled to attack? One can but wonder.


  1. Oh, T - what a hoot!. I think it looks like a scary, bleached version of a Tasmanian Devil. Never mind it's so small, you'd not want to come upon in a wilderness on a dark night, especially not if it had its whirring little motor going! Happy Sunday to you and Paul.
    L, C x

  2. Thanks, Claire. It was quite hilarious to have this faux fur critter puttering about the workspace. Happy day to you too!

  3. So..I still don't get the eyes. Once I set a rather lifelike stuffed cat beside me, across the room from Dizzy. She stopped in her tracks and stared at it. Surreptitiously I yanked the toy's tail and the critter twitched. Dizzy shot about three feet in the air and fled. Bwa ha ha!