Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Since summer began I feel as if I've been shot out of a cannon
and I haven't hit ground since. In the next eight evenings
I have only one free. On one hand, it's delicious to be social
and to have so many invitations, but the balance is the tricky part.

Up to my elbows in water-based oils at work, suddenly understanding
more than the primary elements of color. Having undergone
absolutely zero formal instruction in the art of paint/color,
it's all new and all incredibly eye-opening. Thinking of taking
a painting class, which is completely out of character
for this poet/baker/piano-player.


  1. What the heck are 'water based oils'. I must have been missing out on something; I'll have to Google it!

  2. Cro, check 'em out:

    Easy clean-up!

  3. such lovely colors, T.
    i empathize mightily with the social balancing that i am living in a place (Maine) where everyone wants to come in the summer. i love my friends, love to make them feel welcome in my home, and yet... I understand why Mainers tolerate the long, dark, solitary days of winter!

  4. Ooh, puce!! There's something very Hokusai about these in close-up.