Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Not a lot of blog action lately.
(Too much blah action.)
Got home from Ireland, jet-lagged, and started coughing.
Haven't stopped.
It's too early for a cold.


I spent the evening with four of my favorite men:
sons, husband, step-son. I LOVE cooking up a mess of food
for a bunch of guys. Even better when one of them cleans up.
Sat on the couch with my boys and laughedlaughedlaughed.

Nelson, who works in a pizza restaurant, said that a man
came in last week, and said, in a Spanish accent,
"I would like a small cock."
The girl working the counter beside Nelson
ran back into the kitchen and laughed herself silly.
Nelson said "WHAT????"
(The customer wanted a small coke.)

When my boys (ages 22 and 24) get going with their
grade-school potty humor they forget that

When I mentioned to Reilly that it feels like autumn outside
he reminded me that it's because it is autumn.

And that about sums it up.


  1. multi-:D! I've become a bit blahsé about blogging myself, lately. Holiday coming up.

    (Word Veri: deramad

  2. Amazing the amount of people who suffer from either coughs or chest infections after trans-pond flights. I'm sure it's the air in the plane.

    T. One of my greatest delights as a father was discovering that my children had wonderful senses of humour!

  3. It's so refreshing when everyone get silly. My son-in-law, Nelson, is from Colombia...can't tell you what fun we have with his accent, especially when he calls me Yackie and his wife Yessie!
    I've heard T., there is no better treatment for a cough and/or cold than a good old belly-laugh.

  4. that restaurant scene reminds me of a Monty Python skit.

    I love it when my kids forget their mom is sitting right there -- I get to hear the most hilarious things.

    Sorry you're getting a cold -- it is too early for that. I could probably go into care taking mode and tell you all the cold remedies I know, but you're a grown woman and probably have a few ideas of your own. :-D

  5. Got to love our sons! Mine (same ages) subject me to the same delights. Lucky us. x

  6. Claire, we are lucky women! (You too, Tara, and Jacqueline. Cro, I suppose you're thankful that you're not a lucky woman!)