Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boo, Part 2

But really, the most frightening thing of all is, according
to some (not me), a cat in human clothing. I actually believe
that Monsieur Chat looks quite chic:


  1. ack! you've defiled my Tigger-Lou! WHAT has been going on in my house since I've been gone???

    And he LET this happen???

    Drugs. It must be drugs.

    I guess I have to come home, just to protect my kitten from your corruption.

  2. Dude. He had a party last night. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. You're just lucky that we cleaned up all the empty catnip containers. (And sent all the lingering girl-cats home. This is what happens when a cat like him has no adult supervision at night...)

    (Actually, I think it's a really good look on him. And he mentioned something about going to Paris for Christmas. You might want to talk to him about this.)

  3. I love the picture of the boy and girl standing in front of the steps. You can almost feel the Box Brownie being pointed at them.

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  5. (sorry--forgot to proofread last comment!)

    i love *all* the photos! what a great display, T.
    gotta get some of my son's costume pix out...thanks!

  6. He does look just a tad hungover. And seems to have copped quite an attitude. Hmmmff. We'll be talking about this. Paris indeed. Not without me, he won't!